Learn how to sell gold for the most cash in NYC’s Diamond District

sell-gold-nyc-cashThis post is going to teach the average consumer how to sell their gold in the NYC area and get the most cash for it as well as not get ripped off.

When looking to sell your gold you should look for a reputable gold buyer, and a main location like in midtown Manhattan, it helps if they are in a nice, safe discrete location in an office somewhere, like on the 8th floor perhaps.

Gather all the pieces of gold you wish to sell, separate them by the karat weight and put it in separate bags / and label them. The gold buyer should then test and make sure and based on the current price of gold he/she will calculate the value of your gold and give you an offer, expect 20-30% in an average place, but get over 90% with us! it is no secret we are the biggest and best gold buyer in the NYC area and want the world to know it. We accept mail in options as well so if you are not located in the NYC area but still want to benefit in getting the most cash for gold in the area then get a quote from us.

We buy gold and specialize in that but also buy silver, platinum, watches, diamonds, antique and estate jewelry as well. If you are interested in getting a quote for your jewelry please either fill out the form on the right or give us a call.